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Choose your pricing plan

  • The Basic Badazz

    Every month
    just the basics
    • Basic wash
    • Vacuum wipe down on all vinyl, windows door jams
  • Badazz wash N more

    Every month
    For The Car Lover
    • more than basic
    • everything as bad wash but with some extra goodies
    • tire shine & air freshener and leather conditioner if needed
  • Baddest Wash

    Every month
    For Real Car Enthusiast (mini detail)
    • all the extras
    • everything listed in the first two packages
    • clay bar, leather conditioner
    • vinyl restoration on all plastics interior and exterior
    • buff and polish on your first wash
  • Unltd. Ceramic Wash

    Monthly Maintenance Program
    • Ceramic Coating
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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